Sponsor us in our next Run/Walk

Team DBH (David Benjamin Hobbs) participates in a Run/Walk event every year as an annual fund raiser for the Foundation. We would like to let people know about our efforts to raise money for the Foundation and feel like running is something we can do to contribute. Our goal is to contribute money in memory of David to charitable organizations that help children both here and abroad. So many children are fighting a difficult battle at such a young age at home and around the world. To see their faces, their smiles, and to help them find joy in the middle of their struggle, gives me hope and strength to try and make a difference. If children can find joy in the midst of suffering and pain, we can run six to thirteen miles and contribute something to help them. David's slogan "Don't Stop" applies to our race, we need your support, thoughts and prayers to make it through the miles without stopping. We appreciate all that you have done for our family and the strength that you give us to keep running. We appreciate your donations to the foundation.
Sponsor us in our next Run/Walk
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